Friday, July 22, 2011

Yachats souvenir

I found a new school tool
In the small groups I run at school
we sometimes use a "talk rock"
You hold the rock when it's your turn to talk
Anyone talking out of turn risks getting the stink eye from others
with a look that seems to say.....
"You don't have the rock,
how dare you talk!"

Last year our "talk rock" was a cool sea shell

One of my intentions for my ocean trip
was to bring home a piece of driftwood as a new talk "rock"
And here it is
just the right size for young hands to grasp:

no slivers (yet)
and a conversation starter

Is it illegal to bring home a chunk of ocean back wash?
Hopefully I don't get arrested for such a procurement!


  1. Yesterday Richard & I were browsing our local farmer's market. There on a table were Story Rocks--ordinary smooth rocks of various shapes.Each had a small picture on it, a sticker or something painted. Mod Podged for shine. Thought of you. You are having way too much fun, aren't you.

  2. Story rocks .....I"m sure I'd like them, too.

    Yeah....placing the rocks....then swinging back to check on them was a blast.