Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Savor life's sweetness

At the storytelling conference
we paid for the box lunch on Saturday

It must be a Utah thing
I've never before had such an impressive looking dessert with a box lunch
We had a chocolate cake or slice of cheese cake

It was NOT one of my sugar days
so I tucked my DE-licious looking cheese cake into my nearly empty lunch box
and carried it around with me
all afternoon
stashed it in the trunk all evening
while we were out with family

Now THAT is dedication
(Oh that I would cling to my scriptures with such focus)
I looked forward to Sunday---which I had chosen as my sugar day of that week

Kind of like life, don't you think?
Sometimes a savored hope is delayed
or unobtainable in the present moment

There are some sweet things I anticipate in eternity
Perhaps all the more delicious
for having to wait a while

As for the cheese cake. . .
On my drive back home on Sunday
I pulled over before I even got out of town
It's time, I declared aloud
Break open the lunch box
Savor the creamy smoothness with a touch of lemon

And with the first forkful I gave a shout-out toast to my little sister
Happy Birthday, Kristen, this bite's for you!
Here...I'll help you with that
Thanks for sharing

What sweetness are you enjoying or hoping for?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lucky Winner

Jocile checked the winner's chart and found my name...Number 26!

Authors and businesses contributed prizes for 50 of the conference attendees
Once again, I am a lucky woman

Did you notice there was also an Ison on the chart?
We never did meet her. . . .  I wonder where she lives

I'll be done with the book soon....anyone want to be the next reader?
(The Wedding Letters    Jason Wright)

Storytelling. Day 2

Second day of the storytelling conference
in the stunningly beautiful Joseph Smith Memorial Building ---- used to be Hotel Utah
On this day we had three class choices per hour
with three tracks of emphasis
Family Historians

One speaker raised a writing question, I, too have wondered . . .
What if I run out of things to say?

Leigh Anne Wilkes, presenter, had this thought to share:
When you are writing about something you are passionate about, you do not run out of things to say.

Find your writing niche---your passion--- by asking yourself
Is there an area in my life where good things seem to happen a lot?
An area I just have a knack for?
Something I am naturally good at?
What could I teach?
What brings me joy?
What do I enjoy that feels effortless?
What am I doing when all feels just right?
What kind of books do I read all the time?
What do I do on a free day?
What do I do when I procrastinate?
(Maybe you should be doing that the rest of your life, she suggested!)

Examine the answers to such questions.....and write in that zone

I quite liked the answer she shared for herself
She said, "I have a passion for making the most of what I'm given."

What passion do your books or your interests point to?

Leigh Anne's scarf tying demo

Monday, March 19, 2012

Storytelling. Evening One.

Checking in with Richard on our dinner break

One of the sponsors, I suppose
Help yourself to some chips

We  had a delicious dinner in The Lion House restaurant

Then hiked back to the Convention Center
through Temple Square
The evening program was
Story Slam!
Some very brave conference attendees volunteered to present
(40 placed their names in a basket, 5 were chosen)
Story Slam rules:
True personal story
5 minutes maximum
No notes or reading

Delightful listening

Leaving a story in your family = casting your shadow into the future

What is one of the favorite stories you tell or hear in your family?
= = = = = = = =

Here is another of our conference storytellers
One of her stories on Youtube:
Kim Weitkamp
A story she told at the conference:  laps

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Heart of Service

This lovely granddaughter called me late Thursday night
Kind of in a time crunch
She had a deadline for a school assignment
By Tuesday morning she needed to have completed 4 hours of community service
She wondered if she could come do some service at my school

Certainly.......I'm sure I can generate a list of helpful tasks
if you can get to my school Friday afternoon
and stay late

I interviewed several teachers early in the day on Friday
By the time m'lovely girl arrived
they had supplied me with a fine To Do list

Slicing Memory Game cards
Bagging math money games for at home practice
Stapling kindergarten homework packets

Tidying stacks of papers
Dusting  and washing shelves and counters
Organizing books....the biggest book stash Taylee had ever seen in one school room, she said

More slicing

216 chunks of sliced paper
ready for little kiddles
to cut and glue flower shapes

Sorting math manipulative pieces that had migrated out of their bins

It was 7:30 and we ran out of time before we got to the tasks in the library

I was worn out
but Taylee seemed to still be going strong

And then we got to see that splendid rainbow on our way to dinner at Subway
Such an awe-filled finale for our girls' night

Thanks for the fun time, lovely young woman
So glad you are willing to make the world a better place

Don't you love it when you glimpse the kindness of our youth!
What kind action of kids have you noticed lately?

Somewhere.......over the rainbow

What a stunning arc of glory in God's world

And then
there were TWO!
Can you see the beginning of the second?

Taylee and I were driving toward her home
in a steady rain Friday night
The sun broke through the clouds as it was trying to set in the west
And voila'
Taylee declared:
The best rainbow I've ever seen!

We pulled over into a parking lot to take a closer look
And there was the other end of the rainbow

The pot of gold . . . that which is of great worth . . .
where is it?
right in my own backyard, I'm thinking
what is it?
the blessing of a loving family
I am grateful

What is your pot of gold?

Story . . . it is everywhere

My sister, Jocile, and I had the juicy opportunity a week ago to attend a storytelling/storywriting conference in Salt Lake City, Utah :  The Power of Story @ Home 2012.
It's been a week and I haven't reported here. 
You know, after hearing beautifully crafted stories,
 I'm feeling a bit intimidated to put words to my experience. 
So sending my internal writing critic into a far country, I'll just jump in.

 Several time I had quiet thoughts:
This is such a privilege . . .  beautiful setting . . . .skilled story crafting generously shared
I am grateful

Our setting in Day One was the theater area in the Salt Lake Conference Center

 Plenty of room for the first annual Story @ Home conference
I heard there were 500-700 in attendance
When a good story is being told
I am happily suspended in the beckoning web of the teller
I am not taking a lot of notes!
So . . .  some lingering thoughts

>Sometimes we don't know the value of a moment, til it's a memory
>The combination of all our stories is the fabric of America
>We all love STORY
>STORY is already in your life
>Good story re-creates experience
>Your listener will get a glimpse of what your learned, felt
>The root of the experience is emotion
>Make them feel, laugh, cry, think, challenge their perspective

Along with encouragement to write/tell/gather our own stories
we had several professional story tellers sharing with us

Below is one presentor website
Syd Lieberman, from Chicago, shares many of his stories on this site
I want to give him full credit for such generosity
If you scroll down inside his site
you can find one of the stores he told us of his daughter
Look for "Sarah"
Syd Lieberman

And another . . . shares his stories via blogging
A dad of seven, a bishop
Some of his stories crack me how he discovered how to stay awake while driving long distances
He has written about several of their home births.....totally fascinating to me, of course
His presentation to us was on how he shares his faith as his blogs

I toed you so!

I took the "cure" for an ingrown toenail a couple of weeks ago
A little cut, trim and acid daubing at the doctor's office

This toe has given me pain for a year or two
so I began asking around, studying up on my choices

I researched treatment online
Found a video of an actual procedure by a physician

OOoo---very interesting, I thought

I watched the video with great enthusiasm the first time
I love stuff like this!

Pondered and decided
Called my foot doc and made an appointment for the same procedure

When I went back to watch the procedure again on Youtube
knowing I was headed for that very experience
I felt squirmy and sickened
and I couldn't stand to see it through
Nope. . . . I had to turn it off

Of course the only parts that hurt were the two shots in the toe for numbing
No pain after that
and he had it draped so I couldn't see my toe as he worked

I did insist on seeing it before he wrapped it up in the color of my choice
Looked good to me

I asked if I could skip my morning walk the next day
No way, he said, get back out there
So I did

After care:  twice a day soaking
Antibiotic ointment and a bandaid
It got more sore and red about a week out....but is doing better now

You might enjoy the online version
if you are an armchair physician like me and, of course, if you DO NOT have this scheduled for yourself!

What's your style . . .
Are you the want-to-know kind of health consumer?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Creative Family

It this just too sweet and unique?
It is a handmade gift made by my niece, Chanel
to be given to her grandpa

Here is Chanel
one of my awesome nieces
(and I am blessed with a lot of them!)

While in the middle of giving care to her mother, post-surgery
she also took the time to overnight that beautiful piece of art to her grandfather

Her grandpa is very ill, at the doorway of heaven

I am told that when he received the gift
he confirmed
a truth we all acknowledge
"She's always been very talented"

I am glad we are family, Chanel
Thank you for your example of creativity and kindness
I love you