Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rock My World. Part 4

Welcome to the center of The Secret Garden
Do you love that stately tree?
If you happen to glance
between two chunky branches
your gift is a reminder to sweeten your day
(still there . . .feel free to take it home with you)
 Just the other side of The Secret Garden is an amazing treehouse
(don't you just want to hop up those steps and set up a tea party!)

 and another giant of a tree that held a colorful reminder
(Zipadeedoodah, that rock is gone now!)
 Here's the big picture
Can you find the eesy weensy purple rock?
Here is a hint

I had such a blast
and I still wasn't done


  1. A-ha! So that's where you put them.
    This seems like soo much fun..I wanna do it and my kids would LOVE it too.

    Loved the Princess and the Pea story too. Wonder if she ever noticed. :)

  2. I went back and checked (curious me). The rock had gotten scooted to the ground. I imagine the tired hiker grandma never knew she had just disqualified herself for the castle! And of course I placed "Enjoy!" back in its dignified space.

  3. Okay, I love what you did with your rocks, that is just too fun! I want you to come and leave some in my neighborhood!

  4. Arianne
    I thought of you as we drove into Portland to catch our flight Sunday afternoon....I kept wondering in which direction you were!
    And I still have one more rock....Consider it yours. It says "joy"