Saturday, July 23, 2011

Black and White. last sketches of vacation week

This phrase tickles me:   Serious the way it trips my synapses
Yes, I take my whimsy seriously

It is part of a shop logo
I didn't get to visit the store or the store owner
The shop door was locked and she left a sign on the door
"I'm off getting high on chemo"
Other shop owners said this is her 4th battle with cancer in 4 years.....beastly
Bless her good nature
Three years ago I bought a beautiful kalidescope from her
Glad I had a chance to support her
I have some kids at school use it to help them relax
 If  you've been to Yachats
I'm thinking you've stopped here for a double decker ice cream cone
or at least you should have
The store owner is such a nice guy
busy making chocolate turtles between ice cream scooping orders
REALLY good mint chocolate chip ice cream with big honking chunks of chocolate
So glad the Wellness Challenge didn't start til after I got home from my trip

Such a crowded, chunked up, small town storefront,
I wanted to see if I could get the essence down on paper
How's that!

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