Monday, November 21, 2011

Dinner with Grandma Ison

Tyrel had a girl friend fly in from Arizona for the weekend
It was his idea to make and take dinner to Grandma Ison
introduce his friend to Grandma
Here is Lexie showing pictures of her sibling family
Grandma is studying
and asking questions

I made a fact sheet for Grandma
All about Lexie
So grandma can read and re-read it
to remember the visit

So you and Tyrel met on an LDS cruise?
And there are 5 children in your family?
And you live in Gilbert, Arizona?
And your work is selling eye glasses?
And Tyrel is learning to fly small airplanes?  Oh you better be careful, Tyrel!
Tyrel:  Grandma, do you want to go up and fly with me?
Gma:  (eyes wide)  NO!  I'm too old and I'd be scared!

Tyrel was mashing potatoes in the kitchen

Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, red jello with bananas, rolls, green salad, pineapple upside down cake
Daddy Brinton, Sterling, Amber
Sterling in the multi-generation high chair

On grandma's fact sheet
she also had me write down her age
She is surprised each time she re-discovers she is 96!

Grandma was in her usual humorous quipping mode at the beginning of the visit
After initially meeting Lexie she said
Well if you stick around here long enough we may just make you part of the family!

What cute faces
Lexie is and easy to be with
Tyrel did a great job of organizing dinner

As for now, they are figuring out how to date LONG distance
Good thing he has cheap cell phone rates!

Grandma Had a Lively Living Room

Is Grandma dazed by the whirl of kiddo action?
Nah....she loved having company

Amber, Sterling, Grandma Ison
A sweet wiggle bug on Grandma's lap
He is going for a safety pin within his reach

Beautiful Amber and Sweet Sterling

One year old
A miracle growing boy
One year ago he was a little guy in NICU

Daisylyn stopped to share a smile

Does her speed of travel
cause her cowlick
to salute the wind?
What a dear little girl

Mickey Mouse

I haven't blogged about the staff death we had at our school
Too overwhelming

In honor of Julie, we planned a fund raising memorial dinner
Funds raised were to buy an outdoor bench in her honor
(to be placed just outside her classroom)
and extra funds were added to her family's scholarship fund for her children
We as staff were assigned to bring desserts to that spaghetti feed

Our teacher colleague and friend loved Mickey and Minnie Mouse

So in honor of Julie's love for all things Mickey .  . .
I had a brainstorm
Now these do look like mini Moose droppings
but I assure you
they are MOUSE related, instead!

I told you so

Mickey Mouse brownies
ready to go to the school spaghetti feed dinner

 two sizes of Tootsie Roll
slice into wafers
(which squishes them)
 rework them into circles
Disney would be proud

Julie, we miss you

SPOOKY and Cute!

Some grandkids dropped in for Halloween
I only got pictures of Sydney and Audrey
Audrey is a very convincing spook!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Last Call for Star Wars

Alisha asked to see a picture of my costume 

Someone else got these shots the gold jacket was a good start on the C-3PO costume

I can't see the gold hairspray I caked on my hair
nor the sparkly makeup I spread all over my face
The purple ribbons around my waist
are supposed to be his wires
The gift bag front disc
is my attempt to represent the round place on his chest
It was bright enough to put your eyes out

So be it

Heading to the parade route