Friday, July 22, 2011

All the colors of the rainbow

Time to play with my new water color crayons
Like I said, I never knew such a thing existed til a month ago
Smear some on the page for background color, add water, see what happens . . .pretty fun
I used them, plus a travel pallet of water colors that has a "brush/pen" you fill with water so you don't have
to  carry a jug of water if you are painting outdoors
Very clever

An online site called Sketch Your Day was my inspiration
Draw what's in front of you
  OK . . . . I'll try that

Hm...everything looks cute, but mighty delicate
Do you like the pits and the stemsm of the cherries? 
Hey,,,I know my fruit was bigger than that!

So I thought about what Angela teaches in her photo classes
"Fill the frame, fill the frame, fill the frame!"
(She made us sing it . . . .  Oh yeah)  
Draw a little bigger, I tell myself . . . see if I can fill the page  
A birds eye view of my breakfast
Frosted mini-wheats
a banana with a little brown....just the way I like 'em
and a few lumps in my chocolate....the way Kristen likes hers

Meet Petah (Peter, said with an English accent!)
 Someone left a large real starfish clinging-----and rigamorted----to our deck edge
(pretty sure that's a big NoNo and a form of anti-tree hugging in Oregon)
A rather handsome dude, I thought
So I named him
He and I hung out together a number of times
as I read or drew or journaled or breathed deep---gazing at the ocean
I noticed he's the silent type

 Been pondering lately about my season of life
This is one of the thoughts that nudges
So I did a little collage piece to put words on the whisper that is inside me

 Some of my beach combing treasures, including the "talk rock" for school
I took all the artistic license I wished when I picked colors 

The colors on this make me smile and feel happy
and I like it even better since I added some color to the rope and fence

These were all quite a stretch for me . . . sometimes I surprise myself

Anybody want to come play with color? .....smear a crayon, swish a water brush!


  1. I LOVE seeing all of your colorful art! Where did you get your watercolor crayons???
    I just found a blog you'd probably like...a watercolor artist. Here's the link;

  2. Oh yes.....she is one who has inspired me----such awesome colors! How does she get so much brightness in her work?!

    I bought my watercolor crayons at Hobby Lobby. The brand is Gallery (24 colors/$14.99)

    Their online store says they are out of stock at the moment....but here is the link to check

  3. I like looking at your sketches. Your starfish guy looks quite relaxed, I vote the banana most realistic and I love the "mixed medium" newspaper bird...and the whisper message. I do believe you use your gifts to heal. I love you.

  4. Sometimes you surprise yourself? You surprise me with your colorful sketches and pictures. I think they are way cool, colorful and very beautiful. Now if you draw more, do you write less. I notice you have gone to more like prose. Keep your words succinct. ha whatever.