Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Church work

View into the church kitchen

We went to a neighborhood church

so Sue could borrow their piano to practice some music

I sat in their community hall

(kind of like a cultural hall)

at a table and played on paper while Sue played the piano keys

in a nook to the side of the big room

Worked on a postcard for a friend

who is recovering

from having cancer removed from one of her lungs

This scripture is important to me

It has carried me through some tough times of my own
I wanted to share it with my friend who is full of faith

She has told me she is in the Savior's care

and will accept whatever He has in store for her

I admire and love her

At the post office, I realized I hadn't put any color on the flower pot


I pulled out my lipstick....did some color tapping with my finger

Presto . . . .It's in the mail!


  1. Pretty! I'm loving all your sketches, what an artist you are!

  2. I really love your art, and your lipstick ingenuity! What a beautiful scripture.