Sunday, April 29, 2012

Girls' Night!

Another Girls' Night
A Chick Chat with some of Grandma Ison's posterity

The Wilson Girl cousins came up from Utah
Some stayed at Grandma's home
They made sure she got some dinner
as they waited for local girls to arrive
Lexie and Tyrel made a quickie, early appearance and got to meet some Utah cousins

Shegay is checking in with Grandma

The love these granddaughters show their grandma touches my heart

Jana, Shegay, Kevin (honorary chick, special invite!)
plus Grandma, back for another snack

I see Grandpa, looking on, from the wall

At one point in the evening, Grandma said to me, "Daddy's gone."
Yes he is, I replied.  What do you think he is doing right now?
"I have NO idea," she exclaimed.
Do you think he is watching us right now? I asked
"Too busy,"  she replied

That could be . . . because we never heard him fuss at us to get to bed!
And we were up til @2 am

I've missed getting the "chocolate toast" pictures downloaded
But you can be sure we toasted the rest of you....and we missed you!

Oh..there they are...the next two pics below

Some granddaughters helped prompt grandma's memory
by bringing pictures and notes on their family

She loved pouring over those sheets

Candice      Liz
We went around the circle of beautiful spirits
hearing a catch-up summary of whats been happening in each life

New pregnancy announcement, husband graduating, expanding insurance sales, brainstorming business ideas, busy mommas with their chicklets

Annette        Rachel
Such variety of interests, talents, strengths, contributions, challenges
All bringing their love to Grandma

Crazy busy printing campaign materials, art classes and interest in illustrating children's books


She was the springboard for the gathering:
With an exciting and wide eyed new move to North Carolina
she wanted to come see Grandma before the adventure

Well, if you are coming up......let's all gather!

To have ALL her sisters join and gather......
Oh my, it seems like a miracle to me
And I loved it!
And so did their Grandma
"I didn't know you were coming!" she exclaimed again and again
So pleased, she was


New missionary, new travel schedule, new horizons

Martha       Grandma Ison

 Getting kids into school and preschool, online Soul Restoration classes, plans for a Nauvoo trip

Candice             Alisha              Amber

Busy moms serving in Primary and RS
Creative parenting, serving, organizing, planning, gardening

Rachel          Shegay

New set of trail wheels, new dog, graduated from college

All six of Jocile's girls in one place.....yea!
Thank you for the sacrifices you made to create this cozy gathering

Give us a goofy moment, you girls!

Loving on Grandma!

Now show us your birth you see it, folks?

Yes, I saw it on Pinterest

I didn't pin it....but it stuck in my mind after seeing it on Pinterest somewhere

For the granddaughters turning three years old this spring
I decided to make a color matching game

Lots of cutting and glueing

Smear a load of mod podge
Let it dry
Weight it between sheets of wax paper if it seems to be curling

Glue matching strips on clothespins

Ta da
When I went to Tim and Karen's for dinner, I handed off a couple of late (very) birthday gifts to Sydney
Audrey seemed to love the precision of lining up the clothespins 
in spite of the fact it was way simple for her

Sydney worked on the 2nd color game:
Potato chip tube with four slots cut in the sides
Each had a different color around the slot
There was a container of flat bear figures----in 4 colors----to put in the slots
"It's like a money bank," Kaitlyn observed

Happy birthday beautiful sweethearts: Sydney, Maliah and Daisylyn

A Little Fishy, I'd Say

A friend at work gave me this cake pop for my birthday
Beyond clever, don't you think?

The orange fins are shaped Tootie Rolls

I can't bear to bite its cuteness!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday Girl, Daisylyn

Her mommy set out such a cute spread of birdie and nest goodies

The big kids helped the little ones look for hidden eggs

Rylee     Daisylyn

Levi      Micaela

Taylee     Sterling
There were instructions to follow on the outside of each egg
Jackson doing the bear walk

Treyson, too
Kind of slowed these big boys down in the hunt
Probably a good thing for the little ones

Velcro cousins stickin' together

Abree     Lizzie

They all got a chance to try doing the LIMBO, too....what a stretch!
Fun party, Amber
Happy 3rd birthday, Daisylyn!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday fun

My family did such sweet things to celebrate my birthday

Handmade cards with notes, goodies, phone calls, Tango visual phone visit,
handmade necklace/earrings with family pics on it,
dinner, dinner, dinner,
hugs, fresh air ride

Love in action
All appreciated

Miss Lizzie gave me a close look at her whole dazzling outfit

Some snuggles
Love that

Five year old Lizzie gave service:  manicure, anyone?
Her mom says Lizzie is experienced, as she does her mom's pedicures all the time

Stunning purple nails, eh!
Thank you, Lizzie
I loved having my nails looking good

Yea.....their daddy (my 2nd born) comes home from work
All evening Micaela kept quizzing/begging me
"You do want to go for a ride on dad's motorcycle, don't you?"

I ran out of excuses
Yes, I'll go

Hang on tight . . .

I can't believe how fun that was!
Exciting start to my new year

Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome, Kristen!

Not only does she visit.....

When my youngest sister, Kristen, made her travel itinerary
the email included the recipe she planned to fix when she got here

Well, OK. . . .
she and I grocery shopped the first night she arrived

Doesn't she look right at home in my kitchen?

We took the ingredients to Caldwell
Had lunch and a General Conference visit there with Mom

Ravioli with sausage
Thanks, Kristen
Mom always appreciates having someone fix a meal for her

In Mom's conference/TV nook

with Kevin and Jana

What a happy weekend
to get some time with Kristen

She has lived far away all her adult life
so it was a fun privilege to have get-to-know-what-you-think chat time
Love you, Kristen

And the momma who happily welcomed each of her six baby girls years ago
Love you, too, Mom

Barbie invasion

I still get to go see my triplet friends and their parents regularly
On my last visit the girls' brother was gone for some medical treatment

Sounded like a Girl's Play time to me!
So  before I left home, I pulled out two boxes of Barbies

It seemed every article of Barbie wear needed to be tried on

The game that emerged was "Barbie School"

Some Barbies were model students
One Barbie was naughty
She forgot her homework
She had to hurry back home to get it so she wouldn't be in trouble with her teacher

I happened to notice.....there are no drab school uniforms at Barbie School

Stop closing your eyes

During spring break at Karma's house
Angela came for an evening visit
Of course we HAD to take pictures

Snap after snap
Angela's eyes would be closed
"Open you eyes," I insisted

So she did

Ok...that's as good as it gets

And a mightly fine sample of our laughing chat together