Friday, December 31, 2010

My resolution is to nurture

New year . . . . hm-m-m-m-m, a good time to take a deep breath and look ahead.

I declare this a Year Of Nurture!

I love the concept of being kind to ourselves . . . . . it seems so right. . . . like how the Savior would want us to act towards ourselves. There is plenty of harshness and trickiness in living in this ole world. I can get through the pressures of life so much better when I remember to ease up and offer courtesy to myself. The cool thing I've noticed is that there is a ripple effect. When I'm being generous of spirit to myself, I treat others with more patience, too.

I've blown it enough time to see the difference. I vote "Nurture."

Last night I started a Nurture brainstorm. I thought, I wonder how long it will take for me to list 100 ways I'd like to nurture myself. Not that long, folks. And I just might keep going.

But for now, I've put my list in a page here. Since this is my first time of creating a "page", I'm not sure how it's going to show up. I think when I click the "home" button, it might be there.

Won't it be interesting to find out.

So, what would you put on your Nurture List?

Beautiful music, beautiful girls

Rylee, following her Cantus Choir concert.

I am so proud of Rylee and Taylee.

I love hearing them make music.

Piano recital

Taylee played two duets with her piano teacher

Isn't it a cool idea to have the recital in

an assisted living center

so the folks there could have some

extra Christmas music!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grandma's Christmas

First packet was from Tiffany.

We opened it Christmas Eve

to give her lots of reading time

See that little smile on her face?

She is in happy-ville,

getting to see the news

you granddaughters sent!

Take a close peek...

you will recognize what you sent her.

She oo-ed and ah-ed over the miracle

of Sterling's health

OOps duplicate
OK, how do I suck one picture out of a post?

Oh, she did enjoy studying the photos

of Kim, Joseph and their new home.

Several times she happily exclaimed, "I didn't know they were going to do this."

It was very satisfying to see her joy.

Thanks, family.

Can I figure out how to add more than one pic to a post?

Yes, I can

but I have to think backwards to get the oldest one first.

Blew it this time.

A growing Sterling

Beautiful mommy

Precious baby Levi

Time Flies

Sweet Levi
modeling clothing his daddy wore thirty-some years ago.
Aunt Hertha made it
even has Dean's name in a baseball logo on the chest.

Grandkid play time

First post
I picked a picture of one of our cuties
Hi Jackson
Crayon Melt project