Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Thankful Game

I told the grandkids this is a game I used to play with their daddies, aunts and uncles when they were little kids and I was the mommy: The Thankful Game.

It was a useful and fun activity----especially when we had some crankiness in our home. It always changed the atmosphere in a happy direction. We'd go around in a circle. Everyone got to say one thing they were thankful for. And then they got a piece of candy. They always wanted to have more and more turns. It was fun then (and now) to hear what each child was thinking. Sometimes the deep thoughts of one child would help lead the thinking of the others.....and we'd get into wonderful conversations about this amazing world God created for us. Loved it it now.

After the first round today, Jackson wanted to know if we could keep going til we ran out of thankful things to say. Pretty much, sweet boy.

On Sydney's first turn (2yrs old, not in this picture) I asked her what she was thankful for. That was an unfamiliar phrase to her young brain. I attempted to re-phrase it for her understanding.
"What do you like, Sydney?" Her answer, "The green one!"
Bingo! She played me like a violin. We all laughed. And she got an M & M.


  1. I LOVE this idea. I am going to try it with my girls. Perhaps for FHE tomorrow night. Thanks for sharing!