Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Servin' up some art play

When I entered my vacation bedroom, I discovered an empty tray on a stand

Ah hah!

Looks like prime territory for holding the play supplies I brought

Just the right size for my art stash

Who says you need to get all the way dressed to start your day?

Half dressed, half jammies

a drawing pad

and go for it

Look at this rich abundance---and the lovely tray..... I feel so blessed

Lots of choices for art play

some lines, some curves....

and sometimes, a splash of color

I especially pushed MY try-a-new-experience-envelope with my new Koi brand water color travel pallet

(a posh splurge from Dick

PLUS a new discovery: water color crayons

Spread some color....add some water

Oooo-eee . . . Try not to scare myself with judgment . . . just play with it and enjoy what emerges

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