Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rock My World. Part 2

Oh yeah, I found some smooth rocks with enough surface for some lettering

I brought in about as many as would fit in the small pocket of my pants

Wash and dry

Bring on the acrylic paint

What doesn't show so much is the chocolate and almonds as treats in the background

the swish of paint

the munch of sweet

life is good

Ah . . . .word rocks

They rock!

I am in love with the serenity rock

For one thing, it is one of my favorite words....and favorite concepts

such a favorite, in fact, I chose it as one of my LONG term goals a LONG time ago

but just look at practically glows!

I couldn't wait to find a unique and fun place to stash it

In fact, I was excited to take a walk with my message rocks

and tuck them each into its own niche........

each waiting to surprise someone

and maybe be taken to a new home

So what word rock would you wish to find along your path of life?


  1. So where did you stash them? What new homes did your rocks find? I love this idea.

    I have a site for you to look at that has a similar concept. I'll see if I can find it.

  2. Love, your purple message rocks. Are you on vacation right now? I'm still pondering what message I would want.