Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Harbinger of Spring

How do I know spring is in the air?

A couple of ways:
When there is light on the horizon at the end of my morning walk
when these Cadbury eggs appear in the store

Just puts a little lilt in my step, I tell ya

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clever Valentines

Tune in to this one
This was one of the handmade valentines I got from a kiddo at school
At first I couldn't figure out why there was string taped to the Reeses
Hm-m-m, a printed play list on the little box
Ah....so that makes the Reeses the ear buds
Ah so!
Now I get it

Just plain Cute
Another clever hand made valentine
From a mom a school
Double decorative paper wrapped "envelope" (a flattened tube, actually)
Handmade folded flower and tag

Pull on the tied ribbon
which is threaded through a cut
on front and back

The ribbon is a sling
that pulls out the candy bar

I wanted to show this fun idea to my girls
so the most amazing part is that I haven't eaten the candy bar yet
Wanna guess how many days I can delay scarfing down the sweet?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art and Cereal

Breakfast time with art basket as center piece
The Smullin kids and I spent some weekend time together
Their Dad and Mom were gone for an anniversary trip

Part of the time at my house
They went with me to Zumba

Part of the time at their house
I was impressed that they jumped in and got their Saturday chores done in a hurry
They are quite grown up

Jobs done?
Then let's have some cookies

This is called
Do not take a 15 year old's picture
before she puts on her make up

I will always think my grandkids are beautiful....with or without fixin' up!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Sweethearts on Valentine Evening

This picture is out of order
The dining room was dark
When my flash lit it up
Here is where I'd find the boy!

Eventually, he ate up the leftover dinner his sister left on the table

Some Valentine's Evening
visit time with two sweet kiddos

Snuggled in her jammies
she was happy and content all evening

I just love that profile

yes you are!

He is seriously
waiting for me to turn my attention away from him. . . . .

Then off like a race car
he runs into the darkened dining room

I catch him with my flash

Hey, climberoo boy . . .
I found you!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dinner for the Matriarch

 Grandma's caretaker is on vacation
Again, we are taking turns taking dinner in for Grandma Ison
She only eats a little . . . .
half a bowl of stew and one fourth a slice of toast tonight

Thanks again you all
for helping her out

She so loves the visits

When I showed her the picture taken, above
we discovered that it showed her and Grandpa together
We liked that
"Why'd he have to go and leave me!"
she declared with a wistful chuckle

Tonight she kept studying the picture of
Tiffany and Darrin's family

I think she said "amazing" thirteen times
as she contemplated this wonderful "new" family
I told her the names over and over again as she asked questions

She had one thing securely in mind
Several times she said
"He's getting ready to go on a mission"
pointing to Scott, with obvious pleasure

You have a fan club, Elder Tanner!

When I arrived at her home
I found she had navigated down all the stairs
She was in one of the downstairs bedrooms
puttering through stacks of organized stuff
"It's been such a long time since I've been down here I didn't remember what was here"
She peeked into each room
adding a little comment
 before I could talk her into going back up the stairs for some dinner
I stayed right behind her
as she pulled herself up one step at at time
I kind of held my breath . . .I didn't know whether to be scared or amazed!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Brain: The Process

I've spent a couple of months preparing for an evening Relief Society presentation
The theme . . . . . .
Emotional Resiliance: What Are My Choices?

On my way to the delight of teaching, I got to work with one of my weaknesses

My multi-variant brain . . .

. . . .
flickers of stories
                                           hard earned lessons

       clearing questions

lots of pieces

Once the theme was set in my mind

it seemed related ideas
vistas  . . . .


                                           phone calls
                                                                                           fresh experiences

the note pile grew thick

I LOVE the topic . . . . .but the organizing process . . . . . .not so much

outline . . . . . . an excruciating process for me

Something I've learned:
My very beautiful brain that serves me so well as a counselor and listening friend
taking in clues .  . .sorting .  .sensing . . . noticing . . . reflecting
well . . . . .
it cries out in pain when required to do some linear tasks
Arg . . . .Don't give up, LD!
You know the scripture  . . . . weakness + humilty = strength

all is lassoed
an outline

Ah..... that feels good

Presenting was fun
A fine learning evening with wonderful women

And an invitation to present to another group is on the calendar

Have you ever noticed
that one of your gifts can also contain
the soft  underbelly of one of your weaknesses?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fond farewell. . . .Bag it!

I get attached to the most interesting physical objects
Like this bag
I love the grandkid pics (though out of date) and the sentiment:

I'm a Grandma
Life is Sweet

Candice and Dean gave the bag to me years ago
and I have loved it
It has a lot of miles on it
It's been my companion to and from work for more than half a decade
It has carried a tonnage of books, files, lunches
and my constant companion
the big-little black book.....my school calendar

Look at those adorable kiddos
Kyrick was just a baby
And now he's in kindergarten!

Time to retire the sentimental red bag
Bring on the spring flowers
and new adventures

What items do you get sentimental about?