Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Secret Garden Sounds

In daytime, the birds rule the airwaves in The Secret Garden

The evening before I left town
I went to The Secret Garden to check the word rocks (2 still there)
The birds were no longer in charge
What I heard surprised me
And, no, I didn't see even one


  1. When I click to watch your videos it just says, "This video is private."

  2. What a bummer
    Thanks for telling me
    I'll need to have my friend coach me again

  3. Whatever you did worked! I heard it. :)

  4. Lora Dawn,
    I found you through Tawni's blog! I love reading friends blogs so I get to know the REAL person. So often we just smile in church and say hi, but never get to learn the fun facts about our friends... so I may stalk you now.
    Heather Ogden

  5. Heather....Stalk away---I've stalked you, too!

  6. I like the bird sounds and what a perfect shot you ended with. Yes, I've been having trouble posting.