Thursday, July 21, 2011


Anybody having trouble posting on my blog?
I am!  I tried to make a follow up comment to Jana and Alisha-----and, evidently, "I" won't let me post.  How rude is that?!
Of course, if you, too, are getting bumped off everytime you try to post - - - you can't tell me here.
Oh bummer

I just went in and dinked around with my settings.
Did it help?

Any suggestions?
Email me


  1. Sometimes when you log in and have the "remember me" box checked it doesn't let you comment on blogs. Try unchecking the box and then see if it works. I was having that problem for a week or so.

    By the way I am not able to comment on your blog unless I press preview three times. On the third time it lets me.

  2. It's being nicer to me now... right now. Wonder if it will stick. :)