Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Justifying my time on Pinterest!

Candice is an artist!

We had another Girls/Daughters Night 
Chat N Snack, of course

And to justify the time I've spent on Pinterest
I had supplies laid out
to try one of the projects I'd pinned
A fascinating undulating batch of curves

Above is Candice's
I love the way it turned out
She planned to take it home and hand it over to Micaela for adding color

She didn't want the attention of the camera
So here is just the hand of the artist
I love her beautiful hands and feet
I couldn't wait to play with some color on  mine
Almost finished here

Ah....that was engaging

Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tyrel

I had Tyrel over to share dinner near his birthday
(Seseme chicken . . . yum)

It always warms my heart
to have some chat time
with my adult children

I went to a vulnerable place . . .
out on my art "limb"
and drew a card for him

Used his recent cruise pic on facebook as my inspiration

Even though it doesn't look like Tyrel
I was tickled that it looks like a human being. . . with luggage!

I love you, big guy

Cute kiddos

 Sterling has a giggling smile
I love the way he insists on face snuggling when I hold him

Got to spend some time with two fun kiddos
Their parents had a "date" afternoon at Costco
and picked up some spinach for me

(Dote! I still owe you some money!)

 Daisylyn loves her movies
. . .with popcorn

She gave me the sweetest tight leg hug when I arrived

 Faster than a speeding bullet . . . .er . . .than an Army crawling boy
the dude staged a raid on
sister's treat

 Sister was patient
Never fussed when
the lightening Army crawler
made a dive for her bowl

I dug some soggy popcorn out of his mouth
and watched him happily
chow down
on the rest of the not-for-baby temptation

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Presto- - - - - Jewelry Fix!

You know how you have a necklace that doesn't
hit the "just right" length
on some blouse or shirt . . . .
and you need a temporary fix?

I saw some do dad online
you could buy (no thank you)
to adjust the
chain/cord in back

That got me thinking
Hey hey!
When a grand child left this hair clip behind
it got re-purposed
for a happy solution to my
wrong-length necklace
(thank you, anonymous young posterity)

I love it

I usually wear a jacket that covers
the back of my neck

But I wouldn't mind it showing
silver side
blue side

Creative solutions are for sharing!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Parents who care

Our school had Back to School Open House this week
Two nights of staying late there (we are a big school)
I decided to set up a little display
outside of my school office
to call attention to the Parenting Class registration info on my wall
(I'm teaching Love & Logic soon)

It was also a good opportunity to talk to parents about their current concerns

What a great reason for my
love of miniatures
to get some play time

In my home office
I pulled out the baskets of people and furniture
and picked out some family clusters
I scooped them into a bag and took them to school with me

In miniature I had two full size families,
some grandparents raising their grandchild
and a single dad sitting at a table, playing with his kiddo

There are a lot more family configurations in our real live school families
but that was an attempt at representation

I don't know if anyone "got" that I'd set up little families
But several people commented
they really enjoyed the new look
the homey ambiance of the table cloths
and the glow of the lamp

Me too

One of the teachers who stopped several times to enjoy and comment said
"How do you dare put out all your special things?
I'm going back to my students
and doing a lesson on how much Mrs. McKinley trusts them
and how to act with that trust."
I love the way her brain works
So proactive
So empowering for kids
That's the kind of teacher we have in our district . . . .an amazing kind!

Always thinking about and doing things in the best interest of our students

I had a couple of fine evenings
with productive conversations
with parents

And I had some "cute" near enough to make me smile!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Beautiful Boise

Boise River Greenbelt

It is Art in the Park weekend
My friend and I meandered
through the booths Friday night
I enjoyed studying art and hand crafted jewelry
Hm-m-m. twisted wire around stone, attached to a necklace
I like

The copper earrings whose color I liked best
looked too much the shape
of feminine IUDs
to make it onto my "must have" list
Quite twirly, they were!

I ran into a former elementary student
All grown up
Doing intricate art
Hoping to make a career of it
Go Garfield girl!

When I made the rounds
I was moved by
the beauty of the artist's unique results
in awe at the time and integrity
it has taken

My camera didn't come out til we left the park
and took a little hiking rest on the bridge
over the Boise River
Then back on the BSU campus
I chased a view of the red sun setting
It dipped behind the trees
as I clicked
I even trotted up some stairs to try to get high enough to capture its glow

Nope . . . .  nada
Nice try
but you didn't score on this one, LD

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In the Pink

A camera experiment
on my way to work

on a country road

hold the camera in front of me

Snap a picture through the windshield

We had a most delicious pink sunrise yesterday
the sidebar bonus of forest fire smoke

I wondered how my little digital camera would perform
in capturing the color
Not nearly
the delight of the real life splendor

But sweet, anyway

This is the last moment before I turned into my
school parking lot
I work "underground"
So it was my time to say
beautiful Sun
You have given me Great Pleasure

Friday, September 2, 2011

Crash the party

There was a high school reunion last weekend
Karma and I were invited to crash
the Seminary part of the party

What fun to see people fromWAY back
They were gracious and delightful

Can you name each of them?
Check under picture #5 for first names




We took turns pouring over the pictures in the high school year book

1. LD, Nancy, Vicki, Lois, Patty
2.  Lyle, Patty, Bill, Maggie, Nancy
3.  Nancy, Candy, Vicky, Karma
4.  Lyle, Stan. Bill
5.  Stan

You guessed them all, right?
Karma was so sweet to go with me for a chat with my mom