Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tip Toe into Techie-ville

Uh huh,

I made the plunge and took advantage of a little camera sale at Fred Meyers

5 Mile/Overland

I sing the praises of an employee there at the camera counter:


Today you stand on a pedastal!

She patiently explored the features of several cameras til I made my choice

then outlined what to do when I got home

Nikon doesn't provide power connections for their floor model cameras

so I couldn't practice any camera operation in the store

"Come back if you have any questions."

Does she have any idea of my tech fear and ineptitude!?

I could have a plethora of questions

I actually dislike opening up a new piece of technology

I feel whacked with overwhelm and anxiety

Come on, LD

Give it a trial run

I came right home

charged the battery and started experimenting


this next one may bring on nausea

I just want to know how close I can go

and get it to focus

Uh . . . . not so close, LD

Ah, certainly a better focus

both subject-wise and camera-wise

but, still, kind of fuzzy

OO-oo, I have questions

Was Donna serious that I could go back and ask?

Try her, LD

I do believe I will

Back I went

(Must take advantage of my learning momentum, I think to myself)

flourescent light setting

I snapped pictures while Donna waited on other customers

Between each,

she came to me and helped me figure out things

The biggie was the "just right" pressure to get the touchscreen to respond

I'd been thumping it at home, getting unpredictable results----and was really frustrated :o(

I've got the touch now!


We played with
color settings

light settings

how to turn off the flash (something I don't know how to do on my old camera)

Not that I'll remember everything I practiced

but I'll be able to tell myself

"I did that once.....now how did I do that?"

Yes, I do have the instruction CD.....a tense piece of literature, I assure you

Vibrant setting

I can't say enough good about having a kind sales woman

No eye rolling or sighing

No techie geek fast talk

She shared her experience from the many cameras she has owned

was excited that I was willing to experiment

and meant it when she said to come ask questions

Kudos to Donna

I have a good start on my learning climb

I feel encouraged

Before I left the store
I stopped by the service counter

Picked up a comment card
and wrote the store manager a very specific note about
the way-beyond courtesy I received from
my now-favorite camera clerk

Say Hi to Donna when you go shopping
She's a rare breed

Extra bonus:
Donna found me the last of the specialty boxed Nikons that happened to have both
a storage card and a carrying case included with the camera
it was "senior discount" day to the tune of 10% off the sale price
Pay off day for the creaky joint club


  1. Good for you. Have fun with it.

  2. Very nice that you wrote a note of thanks. Way to go Donna.

  3. How nice. I want to find a Donna.