Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rock My World. Part 3

 I quite like this knarly sit spot---just because it is so funky.
I didn't sit there much
because green bushes block the view of the waves crashing on the boulders beneath. 
Still......a very picturesque spot
That's where I tucked the grateful rock.
Last check:   Still there!
 Peace got planted on a much frequented bench with a great view
It must have found a new home in a flash, as it was gone next time I walked by
(Do you see the shadow of my hand?)
There is a nature sanctuary that I call The Secret Garden
It has a fun tip-tap-clip-clop wooden path through high bushes and marsh land
I feel totally separated from the motorized world
as I listen to the birds
I think it is the love rock that I stuck into the niche on this bridge
Still there!
(though someone turned it over once)

Funny story about the funky bench pictured at the top. 
I just couldn't wait to get the purple-ing done! 
As a trial run early in the week, I put a natural colored rock on that log bench with "Enjoy!" written in gold. 
I happened to be nearby when an older lady approached. 
I held my breath, wondering.....what will she do when she finds the rock? 
I watched to find out. 
She plopped down---sitting right on top of it---without even noticing. 
I chuckled as a thought whooshed through my mind:  Remember the story of The Princess and the Pea...she is not the princess!


  1. The "hide and watch what happens" feeling reminds me of leaving treats on the doorstep. Oh so fun and thrilling.

  2. That is a fun idea! I am sure there are stories that will continue with the purple rocks found on the Oregon Coast.