Friday, December 30, 2011

One more choice in a Year of Nurture

If you live in Meridian
you've probably lunched here . . . . Miss Tami's Cottage and Tea  Room
Lots of fussy decor to gaze at
and a great place to remember . . .
I choose to nurture

uh huh . . . a good place to goof off

Happy end of the year to you all
I hope you choose joy in one of your moments

(They even warmed up the atmosphere for us by turning on the electric heater)

My friend and I made a date for yummy food and a great chat
We caught up on life

We even calendared a summer vacation

That should beckon me through the rest of the school year
 . . . I think I hear ocean waves

Go out on a limb
Taste a brand new flavor . . .  a creamy soup with salmon
I liked it
and get a load of that black bread
I could imagine I was in Germany

What a beautiful server

And don't you just want to Pin that darling apron of hers!

When I warned her she would appear in my blog
I think she rolled her eyes

Oh my..... people really do use tea cozies....really

We split our lunches so we could sample more flavors
Chicken enchilada
Spinach, sun dried tomato, mushroom quiche
Juicy fresh pineapple

And, yes Kristen, I chose to put down my fork between bites

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas buzz

Happy after-birthday Brinton
(his birthday is 12/24)
Our buffet dinner is over
Everybody watches as cousin presents start opening
The room is full of excited cousins
Audrey and Katelyn
waiting to hear their names called

We missed our Clawson family
We did stop in the middle of the hubbub
to listen to the phone call recording
of them singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Thanks, Clawsons!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day

Alisha organized our name-drawing gift giving
Bring something from your home to give.... that reminds you of your person
Tell them why the item reminds you of them

Karen's girls made and brought drawing books for cousins, Abree and Lizzie
Abree and Lizzie were delighted
They loved their matching books....and went right to work

Treyson got a flip-the-football-through-the-goalposts game
Oh wow

Tyrel invited his roommate to share the family gathering
Ammon's family is all in California
Welcome, Ammon
I did ask him if he brought ear plugs

Levi got into the dig-into-the-paper-and-find-the-treasure mode of the day
A car from a cousin  . . .  and a ball . . . .perfect

Snuggled up Amber and Daisylyn
Hurrah!   A "new" book from a cousin

Busy parents, Karen and Tim
Pretty good for the long's the end of the day and they are still smiling

Jason and Alisha
Their busy family enjoyed some community service projects during the month
connecting each family member with the Savior's spirit of helping others

 Micaela and Taylee
in the middle of it all
My only shot of Sterling is in the background of this picture.....buried under a gift, drinking a bottle of milk
And where is sweet Sydney in all of this?.....somehow I never got her in my camera's eye

Rylee roo
tender heart. . . . through and through
This is such a cute shot of Dean's face
Kind of symbolic of a daddy's laid back the midst of life's action

We are all coming to the close of a long wonderful Sabbath day
Can you tell that Levi has about had it?

Pack up
clean up
Kisses, hugs, I love you's

See you New Year's Eve

You saw the "before" pictures
Here is the "after"

The word "contrast" comes to mind

My sweet home
quiet . . . 
noisy . . . .
then quiet again
But always a safe haven

Welcome home, kids

Babes in Christmas Land . . . . Posterity Blocks

Posterity Blocks

They are s-s-s-s-so cute
This is what the grandkids made me for a gift/game
Aunt Amber helped them at an overnighter she had at her home

One precious baby face block for each grandkid
And a block for each set of parents
(circa courting time)

It's a decor's a game.....
Can you name all the little ones....or match which babies go with which parents?
Or set them up in order of birth?
(The posterity number and birth date
are on the back of each child's block. 
The wedding date
is on the back of the parent block.)

Ah ha
Here is one set of siblings
(They are not in order....can  you figure them out?)

I got tears in my eyes as I opened block after block are so cute, I kept exclaiming at each one!

I feel nostalgic at how quickly
every beautiful grandchild is growing 

 . . . . and grateful for the wonder of each child

Here is another family cluster
Even little brother's NICU tubes included

Just wanna kiss those cheeks!
Love love love them

Hey you cute girleeos
Each unique and precious

Amber made some blank blocks, waiting for Clawsons to add their pictures
(Bring pictures when you come, Clawsons!)
And there are blank blocks....for Tyrel's future

Here it shows the two things on the back of the child block:
Birth date
Birth order number
as a grandchild in the family

Here is the back of Sterling's block, grandchild #15

Thank you, Amber and grandchildren
What a lot of love crafted into a gift

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chrismas Eve with Grandma and Sister Memories

Angela and LaVora both gave mom beautiful poinsettia plants. 
A veritable forest of Christmas color on mom's dining table. 
She loves flowers.

A box to open from Jocile and Richard....
she quite likes the mystery of wondering what is inside.

We had the treat of an IHOP dinner.  
I thought she would choose fish, since she loves it and doesn't get the chance to eat fish much.  
Nope.  She looked at the great picture menu and was firm. 
She wanted bacon and eggs.  She relished that crispy bacon.

For was roast beef and mashed potatoes.

When we finished, we took a ride to see the lights
and said hello at Kevin and Jana's house.

Back to her home......
you know how she touches and caresses fabric, appreciating it?   
Well, here she is doing just that.  
So soft . . . . this cushy fabric
This is what was in the box from Wilsons.

Try it on, Mom! 
I helped her practice hooking up the bottom of the zipper and pulling it closed.
Oh, so soft and comfortable

Now that's a cozy grandma . . .
A little bowl of nuts for snacking
The Sister Memories by her side
And some BYU-TV for watchin'

Hurrah!   I promised myself I could break open my packet of Sister Memories on Christmas Eve. 
Thank you Jocile for doing the facilitating this year. 
(volunteering, reminding, receiving, copying, organizing, packaging, sending)
Here is me checking my watch.  Not waiting for Christmas morning this year..... 
7:30 pm, I choose to start reading.
Jocile attached a note citing that our Sister Memories tradition is on our 14th year . . .
sisters sharing a written memory with one another,
as our gift to each other each Christmas. 
Yea us!

I have a fat binder, filled with these treasures.
I feel blessed.

May the reading begin!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trying Something New

 Kale chips!
Have you ever heard of that?
That was our appetizer
Tasted OK.. . . .
How does one prepare kale chips?
"Massaged", I was told with some kind of yeast plus a touch of pepper, then dried

Nanette and I had lunch where her friend works

Shangri-la Tea Room and Cafe
where Overland Rd ends in the east end of Boise, overlooking the bench

 Munch a bunch
yes we did

Oh my goodness, Nanette, you  match the decor

 Shangri-la bills itself as Boise's only all vegetarian restaurant

Here is Nanette's veggie burger
and chick pea/bulgar salad

 Falafel for me

At first I thought it was a Christmas word
fa-la-la-la food

No..... little chick pea patties and a load of veggies tucked into the pita bread

Again......quite tasty

Here is the inside view
My falafel. . . .  exposed

I'm proud of myself . . . .that was totally different from my usual choices

I can check something off my bucket list that wasn't even on there yet!

Our visit also included a couple of hours of art play at  my craft table before we went out for lunch
Thanks for the visit, Nanette

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Love Miniatures!

Been seeing this cute craft on Pinterest since I first got on

I am so entranced by things tiny was the perfect candidate for a quick craft at Girls Night

I laid out the parts and we worked (played) at making them......assembly line style


Krissi added that ending "snip"

After this picture was taken
she cut the bookmarks appropriately shorter
even making the tiniest little "v"
in the end of the ribbon

Too dang cute, doncha think?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinterest Party..... Daughter Night

It's Pinterest Party time
We each brought a wrapped gift we had made . . . . inspired from a post on our own Pinterest page
We drew names and gave the gift we brought to that person

First to open her gift was Alisha's out of town guest
Krissi.....our adopted daughter for the week
To Krissi, From Candice
Two t-shirt scarves
One tubular

One curvy versatile

How DID you do that, Candice?

 To Alisha, From Karen

Shower curtain rings
turned into delicate tree ornaments

 Presto chango
with the cutest tiny jingle bells attached

To Karen, From Alisha

Jenga key rings
Add a screw-in eye hook and a metal ring
decorate with stickers or cute paper

 Can't have too many BSU mementos!

 To Candice, From Krissi
Seasonal popcorn with recipe
Melted almond bark with crushed peppermint

 Happy momma
says she loves peppermint

 To Amber, From Mom

Three royal crowns
from painted and stiffened lace

 And a fantasy dancing scarf

Have fun!

To Mom, From Amber

Oh yea!   I've always wanted to know how to make my own lipgloss
Vaseline plus some shiny and a bit of scent
in the handiest little containers

Plus a hefty bag of Hershey kisses

Look at this classy presentation

OK....we all agree


So . . . . . . . what is your next "to do" from a Pinterest page?