Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zentangle question

Jocile asked for the definition of Zentangle.
Like I said before - - -I think it's a fancy word for doodling.

Here is one person's definition---

Next---Here is a Zentangle video that mezmerized me!
They call this drawing pattern "Mooka" . If you are interested, start the video and go to 1:14 where the woman begins the Mooka shape. After staring at the pen making smooth, even curves, I just had to try it for myself! (It's in the flower petals in my last post)

If this is intriguing for you to look at, you can Google "zentangle" on Youtube and get a bigger dose.

Ready to play?
And if you use a permanent black pen for drawing, you can add color and not have smearing.
Are YOU having fun yet?
* * * * * * * * *

Paragraph---change of subject
Hey, I need someone to teach me how to link to another site with just putting a highlighted word in my text (instead of the whole string of an address). Anybody know how to teach me to do that???

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some lines, some curves

A few years ago

I wanted to learn to draw


anything, really!

I didn't have any "natural" drawing talent that I knew of-----

but I wanted some!

I read something that said begin by


a few lines and curves


So I do

Mostly cartoon style

using a cartoon book as a guide

And lately


Zentangles designs

The colorful journal cover at the top

is my "meeting" journal

Isn't it luscious!

I take it to stake conference or workshops

The last batch of meetings it went to was a

singles conference

I did some

lines and curves

along with some notes on the talks

Are we having fun yet?

Out and About

School's out!

Time for an adventure with Grandma

The car was so hot

we needed to leave the doors

open for a few minutes

Grandma kept exclaiming over how warm it was

She step stepped carefully

through gravel and over sidewalks

And there we were

At the Caldwell Public Library

Time to give Grandma some update peeks at your blogs

I checked in with the man two carrels down

"Will it bother you if I speak loudly so my mom can hear me?"

"No, go ahead."

Thank you, kind man.

It took a bit of explaining to help her remember

who was who


who belongs to whom

But Grandma was a rapt and willing audience

She LOVES her family!

"I feel very blessed," she said.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What a catch!

Jackson is the man

Posted by PicasaI'm thinkin'

"what a catch"

is what the girls and moms will be saying about this young man

in a few years

He's such a combination of

tender and tough

curious and cute

wise and wacky

friendly and fun. . . .

I love that kid!

And I am tickled that I got this one action shot of his t-ball warm up

Let's say he caught that toss!

The picture has been sitting in my phone til this weekend

My newbie attempts to access it had failed

Tim came over and helped me download it

and clean up my too-full phone

Thank you very much

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cousins. Part 5. Book Heaven

Last happening of our play day:

Book abundance

Often, my elementary school discards books that are not being checked out by the children

Staff members are welcome to any of those books

I love going through books

and I picked up some

that I thought someone in my family might like

Over time

I collected a big box full

We spread them out

all over the living room floor

Every kiddo got to skim, ponder and pick

"Take Home" books for their summer fun

Delicious anticipation . . . . . a lap full good reading!

Shoulder to shoulder

cousin buddies

checking out their choices

sometimes reading aloud

Katelyn discovered her own little reading nook

on the stairway

She was so pleased to have her own stack of books

While waiting for her mommy to arrive

she carried her books around

in a plastic grocery sack

til the bottom ripped out


A look of distress on her face

No problem

She seemed relieved to know she could have another bag to keep her books safe

What a fun busy crazy day

I love my grandchildren

Cousins. Part 4. Zentangle


I've been fascinated with Zentangle

A fancy word for repetitive doodles

I've been looking at examples online

(check out Youtube)

and having fun experimenting

I made some Zentangle bracelets for myself (above)

and helped some kiddos at school relax and talk

as they made their own bracelets

I thought some of my grandkids might enjoy playing with Zentangles

so . . . . .

Micaela and Taylee begin making designs

Rylee begins her bracelet, too

Each unique

Just like the artist

Made into bracelets

Micaela was on her second one by now

Beauty from head to toe....and wrist to wrist

Cardstock (cut 1 1/2" wide and long enough to fit comfortably around the wrist with 1" overlap)

Create design

Cover front and back with 2" packing tape. Trim.

Add sticky back velcro squares to create attachment

Wear and be stylin' with your own personal Zentangle design!

Cousins. Part 3. Play Stations

Lizzie and Audrey

soothing themselves

by scooting that melting wax around

With the older three girls busy making Zentangle bracelets

the younger six divided into twos

for play zones

"Crayon Melt" is always an attractive option

(Micaela and Jackson gifted me

a bag of leftover crayons at the end of the school year

They were even peeled already

What a welcome addition to the

well-used stubs in the Crayon Melt can!)

Thank You!

"Can we play babies?" Abree wanted to know


She and Katelyn were deeply absorbed in their mommy-ness

Treyson and Jackson opted for "Dress up"

Uh . . . . Perhaps a Native American bunny sheriff?
Jackson, you crack me up

Once outfitted

Treyson reminded me to watch as each scene developed

He told me the name of the play was

"The Detective and the Bed Girl"

Don't ask . . . .

the plot was a little hard to follow

The timer buzzed

Time to change play areas

New bunnies appeared

Hi Audrey and Lizzie!

Lizzie tells me I need a basket and more purses in the dress up bag

Cousins.Part 2. Jam session

Wednesday night I picked up the Smullin kids

We made strawberry freezer jam

Easy easy recipe, on the package of Ball pectin

Next morning

five more cousins joined us

for a play day

Rylee was my right hand woman at waffle breakfast time

A four square waffle iron is no match for nine hungry children
(And we could have used more than our triple batch of batter)
Each slicked down their first square
with super yummy fresh jam

And got in line for more!

Amazing kids . . . . very little fuss

and cute, eager faces

We cooked and ate

Cooked and ate some more

Everyone agreed

Smullin kids had made the very best strawberry freezer jam...ever!

Note to self: Next time start the waffles ER.LEE.UR!

Cousin Time Part 1

You know you are at cousin gathering when . . . .

Coming through the front door is a safety hazard
corners are stuffed with bedding

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cemetary Gathering

Kevin helped Grandma over the uneven grass to Grandpa's headstone

Levi Tyrel

One of these guys has a warm head

Grandma read every word on the headstone
pointing with her red umbrella
telling Jackson why there were chickens carved in the stone
"I'm glad we're all here together," she said, "I wonder if Grandpa is watching us."

Again and again
she reviewed what she saw engraved

Jackson and Lizzie helped lead the singing

A nippy day
Glad the clouds didn't rain on us

We had Grandma re-enact one of Grandpa's old tricks:

poking a grandkid with his cane

Jackson is a good sport!

Cousin Chick Chat Part 2

Faces of Cousin Chat

Candice and lively Grandma

Alisha and Karen








Time passes

Grandma . . . . still awake