Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a jungle out there

On Candice's birthday, I got some grandkid time while she and Dean went to a temple session.

I understand there was quite the battle among the small world toys in my office.
Jack Sparrow was the hero of it all.
His soldiers recruited creatures to help fight their battles.
Somebody had to direct it all
and somebody had to follow orders.
Somehow it all worked out.
But you had to watch our for low flying fighter planes!
Levi was in charge of testing the chew-ability of
the over-sized miniatures.
And Micaela displayed her cute new hairdo
by posing with Hansen,
a very patient canine.

That was fun.
We never did get to the
crayon melt activity.
Maybe next time, kiddos.


  1. How fun, I know In enjoyed playing in the sand with the little people and animals at your office.

  2. I love the imagination of little minds. Daisylyn is starting to play more with little animals and characters.

  3. lots of sweet faces here...and, you are one incredible grandmother. xox