Monday, January 17, 2011

Girls Night, Oh Yeah!

Long post.....for a long, fun night.

Alisha knows how to throw a PAR-TAY!

First off, it was crashed by some young men

See below

Lydia was escorted by two boys

They had a little floor time together.

Lydia's trying to make a hand-holding move on Levi.

Sterling is just dreaming about having a good time.

Sterling, Levi, Lydia

Our babies of 2010

I got some snuggles with all three. Lucky me!

Some pics from around the room

I think I missed some corners, bummer

Talk a little

Snack a little

talk a little

snack a little

chat, chat, chat

snack a little

talk a little little more . . . .

We played the fill-in-the-phrase game

we used for the Utah party last fall

Fun to hear everyone's opinions

and stories

THANKS for organizing, Alisha.

We so enjoyed one another

And are glad to not only be family,

but also glad to be friends.

We hope some more of you can make it

next time the shout out for a Cousin Party happens!

Get out your journal and write it down, Josh.

I cooked!

Bacon swirls.....yum

And here's where you

imagine the picture

of the chocolate and cheeto toast

to all the rest of you cousins and aunts

(We missed you!)


we did some serious inhaling

of the loot

on the snack table

Then it was Good Night, but really Good Morning

'cause we were way past midnight!


  1. How fun, thanks for posting all the pictures! I'll definitely have to try to get over there for the next one!

  2. I didn't see any Cheetos in the picture. Doritos don't count. Course maybe they were eaten. I'll be lucky to get home for spring break. Sorry to miss the fun. Yes, thanks for posting and sharing. Love the babies all lined up. Is Jana telling the Wide Mouth frog story?