Saturday, January 22, 2011

You are if you think you are

Kyrick tells me he is a good drawer.
"Do you know why I'm a good drawer?" he asked me.
No, why?
"I'm a good drawer because you draw good, grandma."
(I'm pretty selective
about my audience.
My grandkids are kind and
are my most enthusiastic drawing fans!) Several times during this visit, Kyrick asked,
"Can I use your drawing book?
I'm thrilled to notice his happy confidence.
His sister notices his fun, too.
"Ine daw . . . . Ine daw"
(I want to draw, I want to draw)
she begs
and is quieted when I hand her a paper and pencil.
Once finished, she announced,
"Ine daw a 'pidah."
Open your arms, artists of the world.
The younger generation is joyfully joining you.


  1. fun, fun... two artists on the brink.

  2. So cute! I love the way Maliah holds her pencil :)