Monday, January 10, 2011

Memory Lane

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Age 38

How do you like this cute pic of grandma as a young mommy? This was when Jana was just a baby.
Taken in Lakeside, AZ, I believe.
And, yes, this picture is not related to the post below....just thought
you'd like to see the picture of grandma.
Cousin Loma, if you ever read this blog, you are a babe in arms close by on the couch in the original pic.

Over the weekend during some of my low-energy holdstill time, I gave myself a memory lane treat. I had been digging in old papers, looking for some history items. I happened onto the VCR tape Noel Hales made for us. It's the 50th wedding anniversary party of mom and dad. July 1990.

Slid it into the machine and set it to running while I shuffled through a bag of old files.
I had fun attempting to name everyone I recognized. Many folks in this valley were there to greet mom and dad at that anniversary bash.

So Sunday night, I called mom to chat. Told her about watching the tape. She was amazed to hear about that party, telling me she didn't remember that at all. I assured her we gave her a great party and she had a terrific time there. "What did I wear?" It was a pink dress you sewed and you looked cute, Mom. You were smiling a lot. I assured her that we daughters sang for her - - -one of her favorite old songs (Alice Blue Gown). "Well, I've got to hear that."

I reminded her that was where she got the present of the clock with all the figures representing her and dad's life. She was sitting in the dining room as we spoke. She looked up at that very clock. We talked about each of the symbols as she named them. "Well that has a lot of meaning to it."

One of these days, I need to see if I can get her VCR player to do its thing and pop the tape in for her. We can play Name That Face. And she can hear us sing to her. I think she'd like that.

What do you think?


  1. Oh how fun! I'm sure she'll love it! I'd love to see that tape too, I bet there's a copy somewhere at my Dad's house. Have a fun week with Tawnya, tell her hi for me!

  2. I think she will love it, if it doesn't frustrate. She may have a hard time recalling names. I am sure she will enjoy it though.