Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looking Forward

Maliah Kyrick Daisylyn
Hallelujah . . . . . I think I feel some energy coming back.
I musta needed some suga'!

The germies just may be receding.

That would be such a good thing.

I know I have some highlights right ahead.

This week Tawnya and kiddos are flying in from AZ. It will be a blast to see her, Kyrick and Maliah. I will miss you, Josh! I look forward to hearing what Maliah can say now. And Kyrick always is fun to talk to.

I am looking forward to the Girls Night that Alisha is graciously sponsoring next weekend. With TD coming into town, Alisha put out the word, inviting all the girlie cousins/aunts who can gather. Thanks, Alisha.

This month, I also have the beginning of two classes: taking one, teaching one. That will make my non-work time feel full. All good stuff.

The class I'll be teaching is a 6 week series of Love and Logic Parenting, through the school district. A counselor colleague and I will co-teach at Maple Grove Elementary, starting the last week in January. That's always a fun series. Parents, especially the dads, really like the DVD parenting examples that we get to show.

It is really interesting to see how the "personality" of the class develops each time I teach. I love seeing eager parents. There are always some moms and dads who are like magnets. They soak up the concepts and try experiments each week, looking for what they can do to help fill their goals as parents. And then they come back to share what they learned from their experiments.

I've always said, my education didn't begin til I had kids.

The second class, I get to TAKE for me! It is "Soul Restoration" - - -it will use art/collage as a vehicle, but it is a personal exploration process. . . . I think. It is probably right up my alley. I haven't had the energy lately to feel my usual anticipation of something like this - - - so I'm just going to sidle into it - - -and see where it takes me. It is an online version of the Brave Girls Camps that you might have read about. I expect you'll hear more about it here.

So-----lots to look forward to (pardon my participle).

I shall see how I can parcel out my energy to cover all this good stuff.

And will eat some spinach salad this week to build some Popeye energy for myself.


  1. Oh how I wish I could get a Love and Logic teacher like you for our RS mommys.

  2. Well maybe next June, we need get me to Utah and create some kind of parenting discussion in your RS.

  3. I can't wait to hear more about Soul Restoration from you. I may decide to do that later this year.