Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweet Slumber

All right . . . .what a joker my dream was.

Apparently without the alarm set to wake me, I got into some deep sleep----- and had a sliver of a dream on my mind as I woke.

I dreamed I was forking down a piece of chocolate cake.


I was so miffed at myself, as I dream-thought, "It's not my chosen "free day" for eating desserts! Bummer."

In real life, I am doing a three month "Wellness Challenge" with some other folk online----and I WANT TO CHOOSE WHEN I GET MY 'FREE' DAY WITH SUGAR - - - - not sneak past myself with some unconscious slip.

Besides that, the cake was dry and didn't even taste good. (You can taste in a dream? Who woulda known.)

But since I'd already blown it for that day - - -I went ahead and took some more bites.
A mini nightmare..Ha!

Sorry to say - - -that's like me - - - - "more bites" once I've messed up.

BOY was I was glad to wake up and discover that tasteless chocolate cake was only in my mind.


Because I have a little handful of Hershey kisses for Sunday, that will taste MUCH better than fake cake.


  1. I had a similar dream this week. I had accidentally popped something in my mouth that was sugary. I thought "Great! I just blew my perfect score!" Then I woke up and was relieved. Whew.

  2. Hey I wonder if Jana dreams of Cheetos. Glad it was just a dream for you. Yes, your sunday treat sounds better than dry cake.

  3. Same thing happend to me while I was on challenge!