Sunday, January 30, 2011


Look at these pretty women
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What a special treat on this Sabbath day.
Cousin Marilyn (Jones) Price was in the valley to help a daughter with a new baby.
She contacted me and we arranged to meet at her daughter's home.
She wanted to be sure and see mom,
so I drove her there for a short visit.
Mom was thrilled to have company.
I drove by the two little houses that Uncle Lincoln built
and took pictures of them for Marilyn
to share with Aunt Mabel.
I got to meet two of Marilyn's six daughters---and their families.
I loved getting to reconnect
and share some extended family love.

Angela: Marilyn's husband, Lorin, works in college text re-sales.
He was on USU campus recently.
I told him to get shaggy
and come see you for a haircut next time
he was in Logan.

Marilyn, a first cousin to me, is a daughter of LeRoss and the late Elizabeth (Ison) Jones.
Elizabeth is a sister to Joseph Richmond Ison.


  1. I'm glad you mentioned Grandma being excited to have company...she did not show it in her picture. :)

    Yay, for cousin re-connection.

  2. I remember cousin Marilyn and Beep. Perhaps I saw Lorin and didn't know it. They set up in the hall to buy back used text books.