Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas gathering

I had the fun of having most of my children gather Christmas night.
Buffet, gifts and lots of chat.

My rather unusual gift to the married grown kids was BEEF!

We'd talked about keeping preparedness in mind as we chose gifts this year.
A friend at work was butchering a couple of calves and asked if anyone wanted to buy.
Well, OK, beef it is.
Their gifts were in bags in the freezer.

There were books for each of the kiddos.

At one point I looked up and saw four clusters of heads bent together, all reading new books.
A little bit of heaven . . . .
people you love
a good book to read

It was a BOOKS N BEEF kind of day
with a tasty ham on the side

What unusual gift did you enjoy giving or receiving?


  1. Thank you for the gift of BEEF! It's so nice to have, I think I may let it hang out in my freezer for a little while (kind of like that cute sticker or scrapbook paper you love, but don't know if anything is worthy of it's use). Silly, but the truth. :)

    Our family's "unusual" gift this year was service.... picking up garbage in parking lots, volunteering at the rescue mission, making cookies for neighbors, "Christmas Service Scavenger Hunt", etc. It was fulfilling. We would like to make it a yearly tradition.