Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blessing Day

Here is a snoozing Sterling. I love this kiddo's kissy lips. Isn't he a sweetheart. With the birth of Levi and Sterling in 2010, that brings the cousin count to 15. What a blessing to have 15 grandchildren. I am a lucky woman.

After having Sterling blessed in church, we took a few pictures. I see I missed getting daddy Brinton in any of my shots. Brinton gave Sterling a beautiful blessing.

Daisylyn looks like the holding of baby brother is not her idea!

Mommy and kids. What a sweet family she and Brinton are building. I think Sterling looks so good and seems to have grown out of his "premie-ness." Started under 5 pounds, now just over 8 pounds. You go, little guy!

Here's Uncle Dean. His morning high council meeting ran long. He zoomed to the building where we were having the blessing - - - -and he just missed it. So Sterling is having some Uncle Dean time after church.

Some formula just puts a guy to sleep. He is the best little day sleeper, especially when being held . . . . . and I'm pretty sure his parents will enjoy it when he gets to be a good little night sleeper, too!

I am deeply grateful for all these healthy, growing grandchildren---and for their wonderful parents. I admire the important work they are doing as they teach by example.


  1. So cute! Fun to see pictures, sounds like a great blessing day.

  2. I think it was Baby's First Christmas!

  3. Thanks for posting those. 15 wow!