Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's Up, Phil?

I suppose you think Punxsutawney Phil is in Pennsylvania.
Well, he used to be.
But if you visit my office,
there he is.
He's been one of my puppet buddies for about seven years. (since Tyrel sent him to me)
Someone should tell those folks in PA!
It has been that long since Tyrel was on his mission in Punxsutawney
where he saw the location of the Ground Hog's Day celebration.
Tyrel and his companion sent me a picture of them knocking on Phil's little door. When "my" Phil answered the door, those good Elders offered him a Book of Mormon during their door approach!

Phil changed professions when he came west.
He stopped predicting the weather and
started predicting children's behavior.
He's not very good at it.
The kids grimace when Phil predicts
that if you punch a kid,
they will want to be your friend.
Then they teach him some smarter choices.

Get it together, Phil.
Maybe you should go outside and take another try at weather predicting.

Today he made off with one of my magic wands.
I'm hoping he will magic us some warmer weather.

What would you like Phil to magic up?


  1. I would like spring to be here soon!

    But when it comes to Phil magic, I will would like a slumbering baby all through the night!

  2. I would like a trip somewhere tropical please Phil ;)

  3. I would like some magic weight-loss, that includes a diet of sugar, please Phil. :)