Friday, December 31, 2010

My resolution is to nurture

New year . . . . hm-m-m-m-m, a good time to take a deep breath and look ahead.

I declare this a Year Of Nurture!

I love the concept of being kind to ourselves . . . . . it seems so right. . . . like how the Savior would want us to act towards ourselves. There is plenty of harshness and trickiness in living in this ole world. I can get through the pressures of life so much better when I remember to ease up and offer courtesy to myself. The cool thing I've noticed is that there is a ripple effect. When I'm being generous of spirit to myself, I treat others with more patience, too.

I've blown it enough time to see the difference. I vote "Nurture."

Last night I started a Nurture brainstorm. I thought, I wonder how long it will take for me to list 100 ways I'd like to nurture myself. Not that long, folks. And I just might keep going.

But for now, I've put my list in a page here. Since this is my first time of creating a "page", I'm not sure how it's going to show up. I think when I click the "home" button, it might be there.

Won't it be interesting to find out.

So, what would you put on your Nurture List?


  1. My word of the year for 2011 is "Rejoice"(see this post on one of my favorite blogs to read; .
    I like focusing on a WORD lots better than making a list of resolutions.
    Nurture is an awesome word. I guess my 40 things list is pretty much a Nurture List.
    Happy New Year.
    Love you!

  2. My word last year was "Prepared". I'm happy to report that in many ways and in many things I DID become more "prepared".

    Haven't decided on a word for this year yet, but I'm sure I'll share when I do. :)