Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Trying Something New

 Kale chips!
Have you ever heard of that?
That was our appetizer
Tasted OK.. . . .
How does one prepare kale chips?
"Massaged", I was told with some kind of yeast plus a touch of pepper, then dried

Nanette and I had lunch where her friend works

Shangri-la Tea Room and Cafe
where Overland Rd ends in the east end of Boise, overlooking the bench

 Munch a bunch
yes we did

Oh my goodness, Nanette, you  match the decor

 Shangri-la bills itself as Boise's only all vegetarian restaurant

Here is Nanette's veggie burger
and chick pea/bulgar salad

 Falafel for me

At first I thought it was a Christmas word
fa-la-la-la food

No..... little chick pea patties and a load of veggies tucked into the pita bread

Again......quite tasty

Here is the inside view
My falafel. . . .  exposed

I'm proud of myself . . . .that was totally different from my usual choices

I can check something off my bucket list that wasn't even on there yet!

Our visit also included a couple of hours of art play at  my craft table before we went out for lunch
Thanks for the visit, Nanette


  1. I love shangri-la! Best vegetarian food in Boise.

  2. Ciarran...do you know Nanette's friend, Ashley? She is a waitress there....plus sings on stage every other Thursday evening.

  3. Thanks for sharing your day with me Aunt LD! :) It was definitely the best veggie food I've had... which is sparse. But still.

  4. That "burger" looks huge!
    I'd be game in tasting your lunches and appetizer. It would definitely be something new to me.

  5. Hi I have heard of kale chips before and have a recipe that I wanted to try

  6. Looks like a fun place. I will have to try it out!