Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chrismas Eve with Grandma and Sister Memories

Angela and LaVora both gave mom beautiful poinsettia plants. 
A veritable forest of Christmas color on mom's dining table. 
She loves flowers.

A box to open from Jocile and Richard....
she quite likes the mystery of wondering what is inside.

We had the treat of an IHOP dinner.  
I thought she would choose fish, since she loves it and doesn't get the chance to eat fish much.  
Nope.  She looked at the great picture menu and was firm. 
She wanted bacon and eggs.  She relished that crispy bacon.

For was roast beef and mashed potatoes.

When we finished, we took a ride to see the lights
and said hello at Kevin and Jana's house.

Back to her home......
you know how she touches and caresses fabric, appreciating it?   
Well, here she is doing just that.  
So soft . . . . this cushy fabric
This is what was in the box from Wilsons.

Try it on, Mom! 
I helped her practice hooking up the bottom of the zipper and pulling it closed.
Oh, so soft and comfortable

Now that's a cozy grandma . . .
A little bowl of nuts for snacking
The Sister Memories by her side
And some BYU-TV for watchin'

Hurrah!   I promised myself I could break open my packet of Sister Memories on Christmas Eve. 
Thank you Jocile for doing the facilitating this year. 
(volunteering, reminding, receiving, copying, organizing, packaging, sending)
Here is me checking my watch.  Not waiting for Christmas morning this year..... 
7:30 pm, I choose to start reading.
Jocile attached a note citing that our Sister Memories tradition is on our 14th year . . .
sisters sharing a written memory with one another,
as our gift to each other each Christmas. 
Yea us!

I have a fat binder, filled with these treasures.
I feel blessed.

May the reading begin!


  1. I'm so glad you shared Christmas Eve with Mom.
    Sister Stories--the Best!

  2. I am glad you were there with grandma for Christmas Eve. I am sure she loved the company.

  3. You are surrounded by love...what is the sisters memories?

  4. At Christmas time, each sister writes a memory (any topic) to share. The memories are collected, copied and a packet of "Sister Memories" is sent back to each of us as a Christmas present.
    Oh the of my favorite moments of Christmas... to read the writing of my sisters. A 14 year tradition.