Friday, December 30, 2011

One more choice in a Year of Nurture

If you live in Meridian
you've probably lunched here . . . . Miss Tami's Cottage and Tea  Room
Lots of fussy decor to gaze at
and a great place to remember . . .
I choose to nurture

uh huh . . . a good place to goof off

Happy end of the year to you all
I hope you choose joy in one of your moments

(They even warmed up the atmosphere for us by turning on the electric heater)

My friend and I made a date for yummy food and a great chat
We caught up on life

We even calendared a summer vacation

That should beckon me through the rest of the school year
 . . . I think I hear ocean waves

Go out on a limb
Taste a brand new flavor . . .  a creamy soup with salmon
I liked it
and get a load of that black bread
I could imagine I was in Germany

What a beautiful server

And don't you just want to Pin that darling apron of hers!

When I warned her she would appear in my blog
I think she rolled her eyes

Oh my..... people really do use tea cozies....really

We split our lunches so we could sample more flavors
Chicken enchilada
Spinach, sun dried tomato, mushroom quiche
Juicy fresh pineapple

And, yes Kristen, I chose to put down my fork between bites

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