Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting Ready for a Pinterest Party

Alisha's idea for this month's Girls Night:
a Pinterest Party

That sounds like a great idea!

The "rules"
Make something from your Pinterest page
Wrap it
Bring it
Exchange it with another

Enjoy the array
justify our Pinterest time....ha!

So . . . . . bring on some royal accessories

 The crown-from-a-piece-of-lace on my Pinterest page
has been intriguing me for a couple of months .. . . I'll do that

My can of bronze paint came in handy as I laid lace on newspaper in the garage
Then I pinned the painted and slightly stiffened lace
around an oatmeal cylinder
and slathered on Mod Podge

Then it became REALLY stiff
Stitched on a strip of elastic at the back
I discovered the lower edge of the lace was rough with dried Mod Podge
so I added a little strip of foam
Hopefully it won't scratch any little heads

 Bonus gift:
a Kool-Aid dyed dancing scarf
in a special bag
(another Pinterest project, uh huh)

Ah hah . . . . glue still wet
and royal looking

Just trying it out
Daughter of a King 

Since all my daughters have girls
and dress up bags
I figured it was a gift that could go to any of the families
Who would it be?

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