Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dharma Silks plus Kool-Aid via Pinterest

Been wrestling with these photos......failing to get them into the order I want
Drat....and oh well
I'll just write about them at the bottom









OK....Several years ago I ran onto this online source of white silk scarves (Dharma Trading Co).  I've read about dying them delicious colors.  That has intrigued me ever since. 

So why would anyone want a rainbow of scarves? 

They are magical for all kinds of make believe or dress up.  I've also used scarves as a feeling management tool for kiddos.  In the confinement of indoor space, a child can toss scarves in the air----instead of balls or beanbags----and shift a load of feelings.  Hard not to start laughing as you throw scarves in the air and then leap to grasp them before they hit the ground.

With the Pinterest inspiration of a Kool-Aid dye list, I took the plunge.  Sent in an order for white silk scarves.  Bought a load of Kool-Aid packets.  Prepared to cook up some fun.

Oh should have seen those white scarves soak up the color.....fascinating.

1.  Here is an array of my Kool-Aid colors.  
2.  I've got mail!  Quick service from Dharma Trading Company.  Hemmed scarves: 30" x 30"
3.  Presoak scarves 1/2 hr in the sink with some vinegar in hot water.
4.  Pretty!  Wring the sink water out of 2  scarves and put in one dye batch.  (The dyeing batch:  3 packets of Kool-Aid, 1/2 c vinegar, 2 c Very hot water.) I would have gotten better color coverage if I'd dyed one scarf per 3 Kool-Aids.....but I wasn't willing to go buy twice as much Kool-Aid.....and I rather like the slightly mottled look.
5.  OOoo-ahhh!  I discovered that I needed to quickly  flip the fabric as soon as I got it into the colored water.  It soaked up the dye super fast.  It was fun to watch that happen.  In just moments, there was no more color left in the water!
6.  Juicy and brilliant.  After the initial stirring, I cooked the color brew in the microwave for 3 minutes.  (The online instructions said to do the 3-minute heating 3 times....which I did not do.)  I let each finished batch sit on the counter for a while, then rinsed with cold water.  I dryer tumbled the scarves one color at a time....with a big fluffy towel....til they were only damp.  Then ironed with low heat.
7.  Such pleasure for my eyes.
8.  This scarf is the best sample of the mottled/veined effect that I like so much.....essence of tie dye.
9.  Oh-h-h-h, I am rich with color.   I like!

I am very happy with this experiment. . . . . .so pretty. . . .ready for years of creative play.


  1. Really pretty. Looks fun even to this non-crafter.

  2. Okay, very cool! I keep seeing that kool-aid dying stuff all over pinterest,good to know that it works so well! I love your foam stamps too!

  3. Oh yea.....and my home smelled wonderful.....all fruity delicious!

  4. this looks like so much fun! I will probably be in your neck of the woods the 17-20 if you'd like to play! :)

  5. yes! I'm on break then.....sounds good!

  6. you do the funnest things. I think the scarves turned out beautiful.