Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas buzz

Happy after-birthday Brinton
(his birthday is 12/24)
Our buffet dinner is over
Everybody watches as cousin presents start opening
The room is full of excited cousins
Audrey and Katelyn
waiting to hear their names called

We missed our Clawson family
We did stop in the middle of the hubbub
to listen to the phone call recording
of them singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Thanks, Clawsons!
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day

Alisha organized our name-drawing gift giving
Bring something from your home to give.... that reminds you of your person
Tell them why the item reminds you of them

Karen's girls made and brought drawing books for cousins, Abree and Lizzie
Abree and Lizzie were delighted
They loved their matching books....and went right to work

Treyson got a flip-the-football-through-the-goalposts game
Oh wow

Tyrel invited his roommate to share the family gathering
Ammon's family is all in California
Welcome, Ammon
I did ask him if he brought ear plugs

Levi got into the dig-into-the-paper-and-find-the-treasure mode of the day
A car from a cousin  . . .  and a ball . . . .perfect

Snuggled up Amber and Daisylyn
Hurrah!   A "new" book from a cousin

Busy parents, Karen and Tim
Pretty good for the long's the end of the day and they are still smiling

Jason and Alisha
Their busy family enjoyed some community service projects during the month
connecting each family member with the Savior's spirit of helping others

 Micaela and Taylee
in the middle of it all
My only shot of Sterling is in the background of this picture.....buried under a gift, drinking a bottle of milk
And where is sweet Sydney in all of this?.....somehow I never got her in my camera's eye

Rylee roo
tender heart. . . . through and through
This is such a cute shot of Dean's face
Kind of symbolic of a daddy's laid back the midst of life's action

We are all coming to the close of a long wonderful Sabbath day
Can you tell that Levi has about had it?

Pack up
clean up
Kisses, hugs, I love you's

See you New Year's Eve

You saw the "before" pictures
Here is the "after"

The word "contrast" comes to mind

My sweet home
quiet . . . 
noisy . . . .
then quiet again
But always a safe haven

Welcome home, kids


  1. Thanks for hosting! We had fun until we were all pooped out!

  2. A lot of fun, Btw, my roomie's name is Ammon

  3. Well, I called him the wrong name sorry Ammon. :) Was he totally overwhelmed?

  4. Thanks, Tyrel. I stand corrected!
    And, yes, I did have Jason's name in the drawing. Ha!

  5. Looks like fun! You sure have a lot of creative people in your family.