Monday, December 26, 2011

Babes in Christmas Land . . . . Posterity Blocks

Posterity Blocks

They are s-s-s-s-so cute
This is what the grandkids made me for a gift/game
Aunt Amber helped them at an overnighter she had at her home

One precious baby face block for each grandkid
And a block for each set of parents
(circa courting time)

It's a decor's a game.....
Can you name all the little ones....or match which babies go with which parents?
Or set them up in order of birth?
(The posterity number and birth date
are on the back of each child's block. 
The wedding date
is on the back of the parent block.)

Ah ha
Here is one set of siblings
(They are not in order....can  you figure them out?)

I got tears in my eyes as I opened block after block are so cute, I kept exclaiming at each one!

I feel nostalgic at how quickly
every beautiful grandchild is growing 

 . . . . and grateful for the wonder of each child

Here is another family cluster
Even little brother's NICU tubes included

Just wanna kiss those cheeks!
Love love love them

Hey you cute girleeos
Each unique and precious

Amber made some blank blocks, waiting for Clawsons to add their pictures
(Bring pictures when you come, Clawsons!)
And there are blank blocks....for Tyrel's future

Here it shows the two things on the back of the child block:
Birth date
Birth order number
as a grandchild in the family

Here is the back of Sterling's block, grandchild #15

Thank you, Amber and grandchildren
What a lot of love crafted into a gift


  1. I am glad you liked them. It was a fun project! The kids loved doing it too.

  2. Those are darling! I'm going to have to remember this one for future grandparent gifts!