Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stamps, anyone?

I've read several ideas lately about making your own stamps.
One idea:  craft foam!
I want to try that . . .

I cut a circle of sticky backed foam and stuck it on the lid of a medicine bottle
Drew a design on the foam
using a ballpoint pen
The pressure indention from the pen does its magic.....voila!
How cute is that!

In lieu of an ink pad
I did a quick smear of felt tip marker
and stamped away

Whoa.....that worked so fine
I love the whimsy of the designs

The color doesn't wash totally off the foam between colors.....but good enough

I think I see some 
chat and carve 
kiddo fun ahead at school
Easy to see how this can be useful and therapeutic as I counsel with my young friends

I showed my sample to several teachers
I saw their brains start spinning about classroom art project potential

I want to try it on blocks or strips of wood
for my personal use

But in the meantime, bring me some of your milk jug lids
I think they will be my best freebie stamp  base
Gotta go try that . . .

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