Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Doorways: We enter to learn . . . we learn to enter

I'm thinking a little about doorways tonight

First day with kiddos walking through the doors at school

So many faces of happy anticipation
New backpacks
fresh markers
shiny hair
certainty about which class is theirs

And some terror
Or at least fiercely spiked anxiety about leaving mom

What a hard thing it must be
to believe the tall people who say it will be OK

It doesn't feel OK to them

Perhaps in prior new settings
the little one could divert change by offering ear piecing wails 
Often effective

But now
it must be confusing
to find mom and dad
support the
new dastardly plot
and cannot be swayed by pleading or tears

The new door must be entered
the child finds he is expected to stay
til that soft speaking teacher at the front says its over

enough sobbing will convince the tall people that their idea is folly. . .yes?
maybe just refusing every request will change their minds
Yes . . . . ?

What would you tell the little people?

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