Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wonder of wonder. . . miracle of miracles

I invited Grandma to go to the movie with me
Even on a warm day, mom needs her sweatshirt to keep her comfy
(and we packed a jacket to keep her warm in the air conditioned movie)
Here she is sitting at her dining table, ready for our afternoon adventure

I imagine it's been years since she has been to a movie

I wanted her to have a chance to see 17 Miracles
because it portrays one of our family heroes
my great great grandfather Levi Savage, Jr

I had concerns about mom being able to navigate
the lines
the crowds
the waiting
the walking
the stairs

How could I get some support for her?

I imagined calling the theater would only get me a recording
but I followed the nudge inside to make that call

A REAL person answered
Oh my....it's the 18th Miracle!

I was so happy to hear an actual live voice
 "Are you the manager?" I asked
Yes, he was
(now we're up to 19)

He was so kind
I described my need to arrange the least amount of steps for my mom
and asked what his ideas were

"I'll meet you at the back door,"
he offered

That he did
Thank you Manager Jared Eardley of the Karcher Mall Edwards
You are a compassionate human being

Grandma and I mozied to our "handicap" seats on the main floor
without the jostle of any crowds
She was alert through the whole show
and tracked the main character---who was portraying Levi Savage, Jr

She was pretty tuned in
"They had a lot to go through"
she observed

Then we took our girlie date to IHOP and had breakfast for dinner
Ummmm, my french toast was oh so delicious
What a rare treat
A movie Grandma could enjoy
And a day to make it happen


  1. I think it wonderful and thoughtful of you to take mother to the movie.