Saturday, August 20, 2011

Skirt the issue

Utah trip 
Late Saturday night rush on the mall
Martha left her Sunday skirt at her mom's
so we HAD to go shopping

How many girls does that take?
As many as could fit in the van, of course

 Is this the one?
Not if she wants to match the shirt

Keep shopping, she says

When we discovered Forever XXI
it slowed down the skirt shopping

Mucho trying on of shiny things

I like substantial jewelry
Alisha found SUBSTANTIAL, all right

 I have never seen so many bracelets
in one panorama
My oh my

Rachel and Martha
checked them out

Jana and Arielle, too

After loosing one another a few times
we eventually congregated where Martha was trying on skirts
Yes, she found one she liked before they turned off the lights
And she was able to make a purchase decision in spite of a van load of opinions!

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