Monday, August 1, 2011

Not the "Hi Pop Inn"

 It's been decades!
My high school girlfriend and her sister came to spend a couple of days with me.
We went to dinner with another high school friend
The air was buzzing with:
Whatever happened to . . ..
A while back I saw . . .
Do you remember when . . . .
I still can't believe you . . . .

That was fun!

WELCOME . . . . Lois, Karma and Cheryl

K and LD with Simmons' gorgeous yard and flowers

The next day I googled our favorite Laurel teacher

(from when we were sixteen
and Patty Gabrielson asked the questions the rest of us didn't dare to ask
What's it like to be in love?
Does it hurt to have a baby?)

Found her address and phone number
Called and she let us drop in for a delightful catch-up visit

Helen Simmons....(we didn't get a picture of you).....we love you still!

1 comment:

  1. So you did get a picture. Is that Cheryl Jackson?
    I used to look at Lois's point neckline and analyze it. foreshadowing of a barber