Thursday, August 11, 2011

Set the hook

Last time I visited an IKEA store
I was on the hunt for
a way to hang my necklaces

These 5-hook swinging doo dahs seemed a likely solution

I got lucky
As a birthday present
Tim offered to come over and work on projects that would be helpful for me
thank you thank you
Yahoo!   A wonderful gift!

He figured out how to attach a support board
and I painted it to match the rest of the closet
He attached three sets of the swinging hooks

Br-r-riiiiing! (add a magical sound)
Choices at my fingertips
Love it


  1. Hey I can see why you need a support board. My laz you have lots of pretty necklaces.

  2. Genius! I'll have to keep that idea in mind for the future. Although I don't think I'll ever have quite that many earrings :)