Friday, September 2, 2011

Crash the party

There was a high school reunion last weekend
Karma and I were invited to crash
the Seminary part of the party

What fun to see people fromWAY back
They were gracious and delightful

Can you name each of them?
Check under picture #5 for first names




We took turns pouring over the pictures in the high school year book

1. LD, Nancy, Vicki, Lois, Patty
2.  Lyle, Patty, Bill, Maggie, Nancy
3.  Nancy, Candy, Vicky, Karma
4.  Lyle, Stan. Bill
5.  Stan

You guessed them all, right?
Karma was so sweet to go with me for a chat with my mom


  1. It was hard to guess the girls but easy to guess the guys. I see short clips of Stan on Tv ads for his store.

  2. I'm drying a blank on Nancy. And I didn't recognize Lyle or Candy. Looks fun.