Sunday, April 3, 2011

Celebrate a Singer

I had such a privilege.

My niece, Nanette, gave her senior vocal recital Friday night at ISU.

A mezzo soprano power house

with firey red hair

singing for 1 1/2 hour.

I wanted to give her something that

symbolized her leap into the next season of her life.

That called for an art journal, me thought!

I started with a spiral book of blank art pages.

I quite like me some magazine color splashes.

I mod podged on some shimmer you can see if you look very closely

'cause Nanette is a very shimmery girlie girl

I combined some phrases from my recent Soul Restoration class plus some torn out color and pictures from magazines And randomly prepped some pages
Ready for the graduate

to add her thoughts, concerns, ideas, adventures

Who knows what doors are ahead?
May her path be a blessing to her and the world.

When I zoom in on this magazine picture

I think the little girl looks quite like Nanette!

If you google Youtube and enter


three of Angela's recital downloads of Nanette will be there.


  1. What a nice thing to do. I'm sure Nanette will appreciate your artistic efforts and the gift. She is quite a writer also. Thanks for supporting her at the recital. Thank you for helping with refreshments.

  2. there never was a more thoughtful or perfect gift. i love this idea! xox

  3. Awesome! I think she will put it to good use.