Monday, April 25, 2011

The Lunch Bunch

Had a fun visit at my school last week

A post-birthday celebration for me

Amber brought Daisylyn and Sterling

to eat lunch with me

First wave was two crying children

Out of their familiar environment, I guess

Once we settled them down

Amber and I

took kiddos with us to buy our school lunch

Taco salad day- - - not bad

Then we holed up in my office

Shut the door

to create a boundary for curious Daisylyn

Lil Miss ate some

but was more interested

in the Transportation box of toys

Sterling let me comfort his


then had some smiles

Yeah, going to school makes some kids cry!

I've seen that phenomenon before :o)

Sweet grandkids
A fun treat to have a little visit.

Does anyone else think Sterling
kinda looks like Morgan?


  1. Thanks for having us. It won't be too long before they are both ready to run to school with out so many tears, kids sure grow fast!

  2. That last picture of Sterling does remind me of Morgan..funny.