Saturday, March 26, 2011

Calling all Sisters

Sometimes you just enjoy What Is

My hope was to stir up a sister overnighter at my house
Our own little bed & breakfast
Life happens and the result was
just Jana and I got a night together
Well, OK, I can totally enjoy that
You know it was a monumentous occasion
because I cooked!
Taco Soup . . . . Yum. . . . Lots of it
Then talk talk talk
We missed the presence and stories of all you absent sisters
maybe next time

There was plenty of soup for all of you

As tends to happen with book loving sisters, we next came to the quiet part of the evening.I pulled out an armload of the latest books
and we meandered and dived into whatever interested us . . . .
til we couldn't stay awake any longer.
I lasted til 11
Jana must have found the best book
as she stayed up til she finished it!
1:30 am

There were no Cheetos in sight at this gathering
and no chocolate toasting
to absent siblings

Obviously I was prepared with the chocolate
but there were no takers
Not a sugar day, you know
In the morning,we trekked together on one of my walking trails
before we said goodbye.

* * * * * * * *

So if we all were together
and compiled our memories with the journal prompt of

"Childhood scents"

How might the list start?:

Avon scent of mom's kiss
Jergen's lotion
Friday night scent of hamburgers, well done
sour staleness of my metal lunch pail
dark burnt scent of chicken beaks severed by a hot wire debeaker
earthy smell of hay on a hot day
new cement when house was first built
slick scent of heavy cream at the top of a bottle of whole milk
hot clean sheet and towels from the dryer
Chanel #5
Baby powder
Crayola wax
Mom's cedar closet
wet feathery smell of the egg washing water
cold icy scent of the walk in freezer
new Christmas doll plastic
brown toasty shuck scent of Uncle Ross' corn on the bonfire coals

What are some of your childhood "scent" memories?


  1. Pinto bean soup cooking
    Chicken manure
    Sweet, steaming canner of peaches
    Aqua Net in the bathroom
    Dad's sweat
    Milk buckets
    Soapy laundry
    Line dried sheets & clothes
    Choking smell of formaldehyde dad used to fumigate the hatchery

  2. Yea! More lists!
    I also had dad's sweat come up----but wasn't honest like you. Thanks stopping in n writing. Anybody else out there wafting down memory lane? You don't have to be a sister to share your own list.....

    milk buckets, uh huh!

  3. LD,
    Sounds like you had a fun time without us. Wish I could have been there.

    Here's a few more smells
    honey suckle bush
    fire in fireplace
    cat smell on rags in box
    Prell shampoo
    Blue Waltz
    nail polish
    pop corn
    Must in Dad's work coat closet
    lunch box, after school

  4. Hmm, I can't remember any smells unless I read all yours. Long ago and far away . . .

    Is somebody on a diet that has days off? So sad to see uneaten Snickers bars.