Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life Lesson for the Day

I had a Life Lesson

(Not the same as a Tender Mercy)

Last week I arrived a bit early for a school district meeting

Made a bathroom stop, anticipating a long committee meeting

It was one of those handicap bathrooms

which is an actual room - - - not a place with a lot of booths and


counter space

So I balanced my purse on the edge of the sink

during my visit

A clever move, yes,

to avoid sitting the purse on the floor?

After, I went to pick up my purse

so I could wash my hands

I noticed moisture on the outside of the bronze leather bag

OO-oo, must have set it on a wet edge

I reached inside the purse and my hand splashed into the contents!

Holy Moly

My bag was almost filled with water

I groaned in disbelief

I remembered hearing an odd hissing earlier

but I gave it no attention at the time

Ah hah
Evidently the purse leaned and


the motion sensor

under the faucet

(If you've lifted my purse, you are not surprised that it tipped)


Floody floody!

My purse is a not-so-temporary

home for







too much more

I emptied the purse of its contents,

pulling out handfulls of dripping papers

stacking them on the edge of the sink

Then I tilted the body of the purse

upside down


water out!

No kidding

By then I was moving from


to laughing at the mess

"I can't believe I did this to myself!"

I carried my dripping armload

to the front desk


begged a bag

A sympathetic staff women

found a grocery sack

I dumped everything inside

and headed into my meeting

It was another five hours

before I finished meetings and appointments and got home

I imagined all the sodden papers

would be water glued to one another

About 9 pm

I was kneeling on my carpet

peeling heavy wetness apart


laying out pieces on the bar

Wedge the wallet open so it will dry

lay out the To Do lists

Leave the purse inside out for drying

Thank goodness the stamps aren't the old fashioned

lick 'em style

Carefully peel apart the theater tickets that hugged one another tight
Salvage my ticket/name badge for the
Provo Women's conference coming up

I can't tell you how long this bag would serve your
thirst on a desert
But I can say with assurance
that it holds water!

That brings us to Life Lesson for the Day:
"Some Hissing Bears Heeding"


  1. wow your purse sure holds a lot of stuff including water. Yucko on the water part
    Who are you going to Womens' Conference with?
    Maybe you'll see Nancy Jensen down there.

  2. Ahhh, life lessons...not fun at all.

    Looks like you did your best to salvage everything. Did it all work out?

  3. Pretty much saved everything but a computer generated b-day coupon to a restaurant. It was smeared into a lovely art form....but not legible. My check book papers are crispy crunchy, as is my purse notebook. Oh well.