Friday, April 8, 2011

Nourish the Matriarch

We are blessed.

Jocile and Richard are up here


a home rescue.

The original plan was for them to be company for grandma

while a floor repair

was being done

in her home.

Having strangers in the house-----like repairmen----

makes grandma uneasy.

J & R were so kind to come up to help and

keep grandma company.

Once Richard got his tools and experienced eyes in gear,

there was layer after layer of fixin'

that needed attention:

the furnace quit

a repair was made

more water pipe leaks and rust-out was discovered

he got a bid on replacing old pipes and sink

and the floor men began their

rip out.

THANK YOU for coming up, Richard and Jocile!

To celebrate their generous visit


to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of

grandma surviving hip surgery . . .

we took grandma out to dinner.

"Mom, do you want me to get some food for you


do want to pick it out yourself?"

Oh . . . choices . . .

she wanted to shuffle over and check it out.

Grandma . . . digging in.

She is always grateful to get to eat someone else's cooking.

Go Grandma!

Look at her . . . .

Isn't she a miracle!


  1. Thanks for posting this.
    I'm a little homesick for my parents and grandma, both.

  2. Thank you Jocile and Richard for helping grandma so much. Nice you could take her out. Yes, I think she does fantastic for her age.